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Smart contract is the new trend in finance, and experience inheritance is an indispensable part of sustainable management. Without dreams, one can only choose mediocrity. Einstein said, "People are great because of their dreams, and dreams are realized because of people. Founding this Fund is not only to fulfill a dream, but also to realize a dream of human beings - intelligent trading. Through the combination of new financial technology and artificial intelligence, we can combine our years of trading experience with technology to achieve heritage and sustainable management, so that this dream can continue and be realized all the time...

Smart invest

Trading principle

Family Legacy

In 2012, we came into contact with AI and Fintech by chance, and started the research of tree-like intelligent system, and produced the first real-world trading intelligent system with over 600 sets of measured parameters scattered downward like tree roots.

Smart Management

In the world of investment in a wide range of financial instruments, stocks are generally one of the most well-known commodities. However, a company's stock is more likely to be controlled by large amounts of money. The foreign exchange market is chosen as the main investment target because of its large trading volume and the fact that it is not easily manipulated by a single principal, and the EURUSD is the most traded currency in the foreign exchange market.

Trading Innovations

Einstein is a great inventor, rich in innovation, research elements, founded on an idea, combined with the world's top three leading law firms, audit units, administration, through the strict supervision of the unit to complete the establishment.

At every stage, unexpected risks may occur, among which asset preservation and inheritance are especially important. AI and Fintech funds with intelligent management and trading innovation can stabilize asset growth and investment performance, making them a quality choice for the sustainable inheritance of clients' valuable assets.

Trading Principles

Trading principle

Nearly 100% fully automated, intelligent risk management and modular trading

Order Judgment

  • Technical Indicators
  • Starting orders
  • Lot Size Control

Mathematics Module

  • Set interval
  • Adding code layout
  • Single inning amount control

Trading Program

  • System Execution
  • 24 Hour Control
  • Disciplined trading

Regular Profit Settlement

  • Pocketing Profits
  • Redeployment
  • Capital allocation

ProEX is a leading global multi-contracts trading platform headquartered in Singapore, with a team of experts in the financial field from various countries and a management team with over 20 years of experience in the banking field.
ProEX is equipped with Singapore's AAA KYC standard, APG level (Asia Pacific Anti-Money Laundering Group), and can provide services in Chinese, English and Vietnamese, and is committed to introducing more original derivative products and services.

PROEX Featured Financial Products

Featured financial products

Our Team

Our Amazing Team

Jim Wang

Strategy Director

Willis Chen

Investment Director

Joanthan Lin

Chief Operating Officer Consultant

Angela Chiu

Asia Pacific Representative

Tino Lin

Quantitative Trading Advisor

Lisa Wang

Risk Management Consultant

Aaron Lee

Strategic R&D Consultant

Trader Lin

Strategy Consultant

KPMG Regulated Cayman Certificate


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Q1 What are the qualifications required to invest in Einstein Fund?

In addition to U.S. citizenship, you can only invest if you are KYC-approved by AMI Corp in Hong Kong and in compliance with the Global Money Laundering Prevention Act.
Einstein is a solid income fund that strives for long-term stable performance and uses intelligent AI to achieve strict risk management, making it a good alternative to fixed deposits.
You can log in to the Einstein Foundation platform in the following ways:
  • Official website of the Einstein Foundation
  • www.isin.orgquery
Unlike general offshore funds, Einstein funds are built with a 24-hour cloud monitoring system and AI risk management, coupled with investment strategies that have been hardened by more than 10 years of program trading modules and more than seven years of proven performance to select the most suitable risk portfolio for the current market, which can effectively help you face market fluctuations.

Q1 What are the principles of Einstein Intelligent Investing in selecting a suitable portfolio of trading strategies?

The three main principles used by Einstein Investing are Einstein Investing uses the following three main principles.

  • Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) combined with the Black-Litterman model
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Glide-path Theory
The fund can be adjusted to suit the needs of investors
Treasury bonds, stocks, derivatives, etc.

Every month, the net value will be calculated by the unit of calculation provided by the fund, and sent to the mailbox by e-mail, or inquired and provided by channel personnel.

The actual investment performance and redemption amount are subject to the net value of the month of redemption.

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